Naked Eye Studios® Etsy Shop Updated

Artist John Carollo brings his distinctive Controlled Chaos painting style to two different mediums – fired ceramics and 100% pure silk.

Now available in the Naked Eye Studios Etsy Shop are hand-painted ceramic items. A flurry of energy and color swirls around these pieces, which are glazed, dishwasher safe, fired ceramic – suitable for food/serving use, or great for adding some artistry to a wall or shelf display.

Also just added to the shop are dynamic hand-painted 100% silk habotai scarves. Available in several sizes, including large enough to be a small shoulder wrap, these flowing accessories feature rich, beautiful translucent color.

John Carollo’s distinctive Controlled Chaos painting style combines beautifully with the smoothly rippling nature of real silk. These scarves are one-of-a-kind, original creations that can provide an unusual and unique splash of color and style to any outfit. Truly wearable art from an established artist, the colors combine in flowing and unusual blends and fades, projecting a varied and ever-changing appearance depending on how the scarf is worn or draped.

Not leaving traditional watercolor behind, numerous original paintings are now displayed in the shop, as well as a signed, first edition copy of John’s coffee table book – Liquid Thoughts: The Watercolors of John Carollo. The 11×8.5″ volume features 21 pages of full-color photos of John’s work, ranging from 2D figures and nature scenes to large 3D mixed-media and silk sculptures. Makes a great gift or addition to your own library.